Generating Millions with Ease

“Would you like to create a new financial reality beyond what you ever imagined possible?”

These workshops are for participants who would like –

  • To receive lots & lots of money
  • Ease with having and managing money & lots of money
  • To generate wealth in Millions & Billions
  • To have more money than they could ever spend!
  • Shift out of perspectives – “Money is evil, Money is hard to earn etc”

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28th October 2017 

Level 1: Get Rich & Richer

No prerequisites – anyone can attend

  • Identification & Clearing of blocks of receiving money
  • Building awareness around money 
  • Let go of your money worries!
  • New possibilities around your finances
  • Create more & enjoy more

29th & 30th October 2017

Level 2: Secrets to Unleash the Money Magician in You

Prerequisite: – Level 1

  •  Breaking the patterns around your finances 
  •  Self-help tools to identify & remove blocks to receiving money
  •  Let go of distracting emotions that keep you from creating more in life 
  •  Release of stress factors in life/business/profession that keep you from creating Billions with ease 
  •  Let go of the repeated thoughts and open up a new financial reality 
  •  The 3 types of people required for a business 
  •  Creation of new possibilities for revenue streams

Total investment:

Level 1 only: ₹ 15,000

Level 1 & 2: ₹ 45,000

Bonus (up to ₹ 11,000) as part of the ongoing festive season!

For level 1 & 2

4 hour audio recording of Deepa’s workshop on “How to Become Money Workbook” worth ₹ 6000 if you register and pay  by 25th October 2017

+ 1 hour personal clearing session worth ₹ 5000, if you register and pay by 23rd October 2017.

For level 1

30 minutes personal clearing session worth ₹ 2500, if you register and pay by 23rd October 2017

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