The Access Body Classes are an invitation to more ease, more gentleness, more potency and more fun with your body. What kind of relationship do you have with your body? What would you like to be different?

The Access Body Classes invites you to the greatness of receiving the energies we have available through and with our bodies. These are energies that facilitate us to a level of potency and power that we have always had available but never choose to access; energies that can change and heal you, change and heal your body, change and heal other people’s bodies and change and heal the world.

What if these body processes could address the creative consciousness of the body and unlock the body’s natural capacities to heal?
There are amazing body processes to
– increase the immunity in the body
– heal from physical injury/muscle tautness/sprains
– heal emotional trauma of the past
– to remove aches and pains from the body
– to heal anxiety / panic attacks
– reduce anger in the person!
– increasing brain capacity
– remove hereditary and genetic disorders
– healing from a variety of diseases including cancer
and more!