Deepa Ramaraj is a Life Transformation Coach. She coaches individuals, CEOs, CXOs, executives on areas such as leadership, profitability, improving personal finances, relationships, physical, emotional and mental well-being. She uses a set of tools that directly work on the mind to remove all sorts of barriers to success.

She is the co-author of Amazon International Best Seller book ‘Earth Healing’.

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Access Bars/Foundation was a great contribution to me. It had provided me with a much greater clarity and ease in challenging situations. I had a profound realisation that I am the creator of whatever ongoing in my space, which would not have been realised through cognitive and rational mind. It had also revealed a very new dimension of energies and entities/beings, which I was unaware of before Access. I look forward to use these tools and techniques and explore what else is possible !

Some of these tools helped me to improve my SLEEP quality with reduced mind chatter.

– Kishalaya Baidya, IT Professional, Bangalore

Access Consciousness has made a paradigm shift in my life. It has reoriented the way I look at any situation. Nothing or no one seems to leave behind a heavy situation for me. I feel light like a bird when I turn to Access. My burdens don’t seem like a burden anymore but something that I can glide through.

Access is something that is a part of me now and forever!!! The double whammy is I got to be introduced to Access by the perfect facilitator Deepa who is such an amazing asset to know 😍 😘

-Swati Bakshi

Bars: I did my repeat Bars class with Deepa and I am glad I did with her. I got many concepts and different combinations of Bars points

Foundation: If you desire to shake the limiting foundation of this reality choose Deepa’s Foundation class. Be aware there could be loud blasts that will rock the very foundation of limitations of this reality.

– Priya Alti

Money : Money Deepa (manideepa), Deepa Money (deepamani) and Deepa Ramaraj are all synonyms. 😜. She has changed my money reality completely

– Priya Alti

I attended the Money Class with Deepa Ramaraj in 2016. I attended the class on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With not a lot of expectations going in, I kept an open mind in regards to the clearings and conversations. I woke up on Saturday morning to an email from my university in USA saying that I had been awarded a $4,500 scholarship from a couple whose son had just graduated and they wanted to give back to students in school! It was amazing to see how quickly things show up when I was willing to receive. How does it get any better than that??

– Student

Access and Deepa have touched my life in many ways. With each session/class I was able to reach an awareness I never knew existed and create magic that I thought and was told is impossible. Breaking stereotypes, debunking myths and unboxing myself. How does it get any better than that?

– Shilpa

Deepa has so much awareness and potency with the entities, be it people entity, business entity. My first Talk to the Entities class was online, personally doing it with Deepa and in a group took my entity awareness to a different level.

– Priya Alti

Deepa conducted an Access workshop for our sales leadership team over a two month period.

We were benefited in multiple ways – the major were that sales grew by over 15%, inventory stocks declined by 20% and very importantly the workshop helped with opening many blocked areas.

The team is now always in the question, whenever faced with challenges. The team is more aware that everything is energy and to be in the question can shift energy effectively.

– Vivek, Entrepreneur

Deepa, The sessions I had with you, even a couple of hours felt like a full day of spa treatment. I came away soothed, fresh, light and feeling relaxed and peaceful. Also the pain levels were tremendously reduced. Thank you, much appreciation and gratitude for being you.


Hi Deepa! All the classes I attended with you – Bars/Foundation /Money class – always made me feel very energised, felt clear and light and also very hopeful after the classes. Also connecting with you and the group was wonderful.

– Purnima

“Deepa’s Bars class was fun and filled with insightful learning. The tools were simple and taught with personalised attention. Highly recommend her class to anyone who needs a change or is faced with many of life’s challenges”

– Dipika V Maiya, Entrepreneur

“In my opinion, Deepa’s Bars class was truly a spiritual experience. For me I learnt so much – to deal with so many issues, expanded my awareness. When the Bars were run on me, I felt like I had a hundred massages and felt so light after it”

– Sunita Bajaj, Pyramid Healer

In Dec 2016, I was drawn to a 30 day Money Mage challenge facilitated by Deepa on FB. On day 2 of the challenge the tool was to ask “What are the many ways I can have fun and receive money for that too?” This tool brought up so much intensity in me that I actually felt puky. However, I stayed with the discomfort – ran the Access clearings and before lunch I had generated a list of over 50 items that fit this criteria. One of the items on that list was to publish my poems (which I had been writing since childhood) as a book. During the Money Mage challenge this particular item took on a life of it’s own and manifested itself at the speed of space. The book was published in just one month! Heartfelt gratitude to Deepa for facilitating this amazing magic!

– Ramya Ranganathan, Management Professor at IIM, Bangalore

When Deepa spoke to me about the 30 day FB challenge, I was not sure how it would help and I had my own challenges to take it up. During our conversation itself, my awareness about certain challenges shifted & many things that were holding me back became clear. And that caused a positive shift in my relationship with money, with life & myself. That inspired me to participate.

During the FB challenge, I started applying the clearings and also received new projects. I received lot more than what I invested. Lots of learning & lots of fun. I’d recommend this to anyone who is willing to open up to new possibilities in life. Many thanks to Deepa for all the wonderful contribution.

B A Rama Kumar, Creative Entrepreneur

Deepa’s facilitation is very special. She is very tuned into her awareness and is very open and non judging. I would sometimes go to her feeling totally cornered and defeated in life, not knowing what my next step would be. She would sense my state so accurately, her clearing statements and the body processes on me would be so right for me that, 90 minutes later, I would go back feeling calm inside, seeing a bunch of possibilities in my horizon.

That’s the magic of Deepa’s facilitation!

– Manisha Chaudhry

Learning Body Processes

Learning a few body processes like MTVSS, Biomimimetric mimicry removed habits of mimicking others. Today I am more of myself. Experiencing being more me is a welcome experience – welcoming myself back to my body. Learning with Deepa is most wonderful experience. She has a way of training one feels very easy to comprehend and put it to practice. She gives lots of tips to step up with ease.

– Dr. Asha Abraham

Access Foundation

Just 4 days of Access Foundation with Deepa completely changed my life. Friends noticed a significant change in me and began to enquire about the source of the change. They actually said “There is something different about you. You look so different. What did you do?”

-Dr. Asha Abraham

“….what I got from Bars was something uniquely beautiful, an experience of lightness I have never experienced before. It was like tons of weight was removed from my life. This gave me the possibility to do my work and live my life with ease and fun, something I would obtain after weeks of meditation. Deepa gives you special attention, makes you feel very comfortable. She has a way to get one’s energies, gets what you are going through. This allowed me to be at ease.”

– Dr Asha Abraham

Thank you, Deepa – for making me fall in love with life again………….and this is just the beginning!!!

– Padma

After the Access FOUNDATION class with you I know that all my inhibitions and creations are all my points of view which can be AN IPOV.😃😃. You have been a great source of inspiration and energy to me in whatever I do. THANK YOU may be a little bubble of gratitude but I owe you much more……😍😍

– Architect Sindhu G Rajesh

Creating with ease…No this is not a class I’m going to announce 😃…Deepa, I’ve realised that being with you itself is Ease. You have changed my whole perception about creation and  business of my life. You carry this air of lightness around that everything seems so wonderful…so many clearings made it so lighter for me. You took me to the reality that today I can create. Not just something I thought was my business but so much beyond..

– Architect Sindhu G Rajesh

“I’ve attended classes with Deepa and personally seen that her magic with clearing and shifting money realities is simply amazing. Effortless and fun! …There are people who are receiving long outstanding dues from friends/clients the very next day, ones receiving huge orders for business, wives receiving gifts from husbands, people having money show up in their bank accounts out of nowhere, and the list goes on….”

– Nischita Deepak,Access Consciousness Facilitator

“The Money Workbook workshop cleared quite a few of the preconceived notions I had about money. It made me more accepting of money and I am finding newer avenues of bringing in money”

– Ravi N K

“I did the Money workshop with Deepa Ramaraj. It was awesome. During the session itself a lot of limitations I had unknowingly set on myself regarding money were released. After the workshop, I am finding newer avenues from where money has been flowing in. Deepa is a great facilitator. She really cuts across layers of our preconceived ideas in a gentle and inclusive manner without putting us on the defensive at any time”

– Deepa Krishnamurthy

“Hi Deepa! I thoroughly enjoyed the money workshop with you. It was one of the best Access Classes I had!! The money clearings were juicy!”

– Hamida

…In a simple and humorous way, Deepa made me understand the barriers I have created with my relationship with money… She asked me the questions related to money …which made me realize that our thoughts and ideas about money are generally “heavy” and significant. She also taught me a some tools and clearings which made money light! and easy ….which very honestly has helped me multiply!! Invest in this workshop with an open mind and no significance ….

– Vivek



Each session provides relaxation and helps let-go blocks that create physical/ emotional/ mental stress, health issues, challenges in business/ career/ relationships



This is a chemical-free relaxing session. Wrinkle reduction, bust lift and face lift are some of the age-reversal components of this session



Experience an energetic space of clearing one’s limitations from the past. What possibilities could you now create for the future ?


These focused interactive consultations include verbal clearings to remove blocks in various areas of life which are currently limiting the person. An SOP session may also be received online. These sessions are available over Skype/ Zoom/ phone/ other online



This multiple session online/in-person coaching program is spread over varied topics related to health, money, relationship to remove the limitations the individual is dealing with and to take them to a space of greater enthusiasm and possibilities


This multiple session in-person coaching program is for a target group to remove the blocks in the business the company is dealing with, and to take the individuals and the company to a space of greater teaming, energies and possibilities


Over a duration of 3-6 months, the online/in-person mentorship program takes you through several aspects of personal/ business wealth creation


A safe and natural method of healing using flower extracts to restore the balance between mind and the body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision


The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self